LITERATURA: Maxi Single - "WASP-Chinese Rocks" David Murders & the Representatives of Evil

Cara A:

WASP (We Are Sexual Perverts)

– Give your aunty a big kiss, Billy. Come on boy, disgusting as this your little aunty is no good at all, I suffer and suffer on you all night, boy, every fucking night.

– My dear aunt Betty, I’m glad to see you again. Let me take your hat, please, and I’ll take you to my parents.

– Oh little Billy boy, what a fucking little angel you are. Do you ever miss me?

– I do, Betty.

– You do look beautiful tonight– added Billy.

– Oh shut up, you swindler. You are a devil under an angel’s suit –. And so she kept complaining while entering the house by Billy´s side.
It was an old white mansion in the land of Memphis, Tennessee, with a great deal of southern country taste and luxury. Sunday morning. Some distant tune could be heard coming out of somewhere within the house.
Most part of the local community was to gather later at the church to hear the sunday mass. So when Betty and Billy had just met Billy’s mom and dad at the big old living room, Billy’s mother standed up so content and enthusiastic and, very kindly and very sweetly, she inquired:

– Betty, my dear, are you coming to church with us? –and she softly continued– or will you rather stay in once again and take care of our poor dear Billy boy who is still under the influence of that meany meany flu?

Cara B:

Chinese Rocks

Ojalá callase la gente que corea sus consignas en la calle para poder volver al momento en que la camarera, esa criatura fascinante y misteriosa, se inclinó sobre la mesa contigua en el restaurante chino.

Su alma y su cuerpo chino y mi alma y mi cuerpo japonés.

Pero la vida es un camino tortuoso en lo hondo de un valle adolescente plagado de flores y pájaros que, uniendo sus cuerpos en enjambres, acallan las voces que llegan de allende los montes, los mares, las dimensiones...

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